We ask for a contribution of €6.00 for packages sent within the Italian territory and €12.00 for packages sent internationally.

The shipping fee is a flat rate for every shipment made, regardless of the number of jewels or weight.
Shipments are made by TNT courier.

Once the shipment order has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email containing the tracking code to allow the client to track the shipment.

The moment you buy a ring, you will be asked to enter the desired ring size. If, you don’t already know your ring size, ask your preferred jeweller to measure a ring you already own or use the appropriate rings available in any jewellery shop.

If this is not possible, there are several methods you can use to obtain your actual ring size.We suggest that you to wrap a strip of paper or ribbon around your fingermark the points at which they meet, and then you can measure the space with a ruler.

Instructions: Wrap the tape as close to the phalanx as it is the thickest part of the finger. It is preferable not to wrap the tape too tightly; it must adhere to the finger, but comfortably.

Please indicate the length in millimetres; the Isabeau staff will then take care to obtain the actual ring size.
Bracelets can also come in customized lengths, just repeat the operation as described above but on the wrist, then indicate the measurement in millimetres. Our staff will take care to obtain the correct sizing.

It is also possible to customize the length of necklaces or chains for pendants, in this case simply indicate the LINEAR length of the necklace you want.

Many of Isabeau jewels are created using the technique of lost wax casting. We guarantee that every step in the production process of Isabeau Jewellery takes place in Italy.
We also guarantee the quality of the alloy we use, which is always nickel free.
Bronze, being a copper-based alloy, when it comes in contact with the PH in our skin can occasionally change its colour but only in the area of ​​contact, it is a common characteristic of bronze known as the “halo”and should not be thought of as a defect. It is sufficient to wash the part of the body to make the halo disappear, typically the hands with rings.
Bronze is a “living” material and as such sensitive to the passage of time and to different environmental conditions. Your jewel will therefore be subject to changes in colour due to oxidation, which is to be considered a common characteristic and a value, not a defect. You can polish your Isabeau jewellery with special care products made for silver or copper, or simply wash it with neutral soap and a soft brush.